Breeding Rules Austria

Austrian Leonberger Club


at least two exhibition evaluations with “Very Good” by two different Leo specialist judges. Assessments from the intermediate class and the adult classes are recognized (including at least one assessment from the “Open Class”).


from the age of 18 months

HD findings A or B

DNA and DLA profile,

LPN1 – test result N/N or D/N,

LPN2 test result N/N,

LEMP – test result N/N or D/N,

LPPN3 – test result N/N or D/N must be submitted for the breeding suitability test.

Feragen DLA + ARRAY obigatory


The dog must be presented to the breeding referee (or a breeding judge appointed and authorized in coordination with the general board) for the breeding suitability test.



Male – from 1 ½ years, there is no upper age limit

Female dog – from 2 ½ – 3 years depending on development, maximum age is approx. 7 years, exceptional cases for exceeding the maximum age only with the consent of the ÖCLH breeding management if important parameters for maintaining the breeding population are present.

The dog owner also needs a veterinary confirmation that the dog is in sufficiently good condition.

Pregnancy breaks/restrictions –  the bitch has been in heat at least once and/or 1 year. If the bitch remains empty, she can be mated again with the next heat. After any second caesarean section birth, the bitch’s breeding permit expires!