Breeding Rules Netherlands

Dutch Leonberger Club



HD results only HD A, B and C are accepted

Eye test – also atypical eye lid entropium, ectropium examination,…

LPN1, LPN 2, LEMP, LPPN3 – all N/N (parents testing accepted)

Full dentition, but M3 might be missing


A breeding test with body constitution, exterior examination, behavior is provided by judges specialists. Testing is allowed by animals from 18 months.


Maximum litters for males in Netherlanden is 6 litters.

Maximum litters for females is 4, period between two litters is minimum 12 months.


Minimum age for males 20 months, females 24 months.

Maximum age females 96 months.

Maximum age for females for first mating 60 months.


A bitch may not be covered by her grandfather, her father, her brother, her half-brother, her son or her grandson.

The same parent combination is allowed a maximum of 2 times.

Double sired litters are allowed.

Using a male from foreign is allowed only when:

– male is registred as stud in one of FCI stud books

– HD examination, maximum C1

– LPN1, LPN2, LEMP, LPPN3 tested OR its parents have both clear results

– A certificate that the dog has passed the breeding selection inspection in that country (behavioral test and exterior inspection)