Breeding Rules Switzerland

Swiss Leonberger Club



DNA profile,

HD examination only with result A or B, for C degree only one litter (tested from 18 months of age)

ED examination only with result 0 or 1 (tested from 18 months of age)

LPN1 N/N and D/N accepted, no D/N + D/N matings

LPN2 only N/N

LPPN3 N/N and D/N accepted, no D/N + D/N matings

LEMP N/N and D/N accepted, no D/N + D/N matings

ECVO – eye test, incl. ICAA (not older than 3 years, the minimum age for the first test is 18 months)


A behavior test is made, incl. exterior examination with not worse than Very good judgement from judge – expert. Not for breeding are classified animals with faults from standard marked as “non standard” and also aggressive or shy behavior. Any mark of surgery correction of body can not be judged, not used for breeding. If there was a surgery needed because of injury, it should be declared by an official veterinary statement.

As outcome from this breeding test can come out a breeding right for 3 litters (males and females in the Switzerland) OR only for one litter.

To use a male or a female allowed to breed only one litter – for more litters is examination of its progeny needed. In age of 12 months, min.80% of them, should be examined by judge – expert. By dogs with HD – C is another litter possible, if 80% of its progeny has HD examination, with 80% HD A or B as result.

To use a male or a female for more than 3 litters – more than 50% of progeny from every litter was examined on breeding test, and more than 50% has HD examination of which is min.50% HA A or B and ALSO ED 0 or 1.



Min.age for males and females is 20 months