Club Franšais du Leonberg
Attention: This is the only Leonberger Breed Club in France that  is recognized  by the French Kennel Club and FCI.

Official Web site:

Number of Club Members 2019: 623

Club Contacts:

Mrs. Valerie Bontems

Approximate number of Leos alive:
12,000 - 13,000
Number of puppies born 2017/2018: 989

The French Leonberger Club was founded in 1963 by the first president, Miss Bouniol de Gineste.
She was succeeded in 1981 by Mr. Cassaghi..
Mr. Guilbert became the club's president in 1987 and stayed in function until 1999, when Miss Pambou-Makaya,  became president of the French Leonberger Club.
She was succeeded in October 2008 Mrs. Corinne Serra, Mrs. Serra left the board in May 2010, her successor was Mr. Denis Vernon.
 Since 7 October 2017  Mrs. ValÚrie Bontems  is president..