Minutes of the results reached by the annual meeting of the International Union for Leonberger Dogs 2003 ( IULH ) 

Location: Brewery-Restaurant „Kirchner“ in Leonberg
Date and Time : 27.Sept. 2003, 10.00 o’clock – 14.00

In attendance: Delegates of IULH member clubs from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA (in alphabetical order, individual names are listed in the appendix)

Chair: President of the IULH and President of the DCLH, Herr Gerhard Zerle.

Minutes taken by: Secretary of the DCLH, Herr Mathias Ring.

Translation: Geeske Joel, USA.

Agenda items:

01 Welcome

02 Acute and specific issues by individual members

03 Discussion and ratification of the IULH constitution

04 Determination of further actions

05 Miscellaneous


The membership meeting of the IULH reached the following consensus:


02.) Acute and specific issues by individual members

a)       Belgium
A breeder that is barred from the national breed club exhibits dogs in France and Spain under the wrong identity.

b)       Italy
In Italy, a new law requires all dogs categorized in the FCI Group 1and 2 have to be leashed and wear a muzzle at any time out in public.  The Italian Kennel Club is appealing the law.

c)       Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic all dogs over 30cm wither height and weighing over 40kg have to wear a muzzle when out in public.

d)       France
Studies on Cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease) in the Leonberger were conducted .   Onset of symptoms can occur up to the age of 4 years  Three out of 60  dogs examined (5%) were affected by this disease.  No difference was found between genders in frequency of affliction.  Affected dogs can live up to five to six years of age.

03.) Discussion and ratification of the IULH constitution
Basis for this agenda point is the draft of the constitution distributed earlier.  The participants of the meeting extend their thanks to Dr. Guido Perosino, Hein Sibrijns and Peter Cejnek for drafting the document.

1.        Motions of the French Club
a)       suggesting following changes of § 3.1.
„Uniform interpretation and application of the FCI-standard in its most current version.“
suggesting following changes of § 12 ( Expulsion )
„... The member club facing expulsion may submit an appeal to the President of the IULH.  The appeal must be submitted three months prior to the general membership meeting and representatives may present the appeal in person at the next general membership meeting. “

Both motions were approved in separate votes by the general membership.

2.        Motions of the Italian Club
a)       suggesting following changes of § 7.3.
If a country has more than one club that is a member or associate of the relevant national kennel club, the club who was granted membership first will be regarded as the full member.  The other club(s)could only achieve observer status.
suggesting following changes of § 7.4.
„If at the time of application there are several clubs existing who are members of the national Kennel Club, and several clubs simultaneously apply for membership, the general membership forum will determine which club will be granted full membership”
c)       suggesting following changes of § 8
The bylaws of  the club that applies for membership have to be translated into English or one of the official FCI languages.
(these changes are made in the preamble of § 8)

The general membership approved  all three motions in separate votes.


3.        Changes of § 7.2. with the following wording.
Only Leonberger clubs that are affiliated with the national kennel club are  eligible for membership, providing that the national kennel club is affiliated with the F.C.I..  If there is no national kennel club that is a member of the F.C.I., an exception can be made by the general meeting of members.”

The general membership unanimously approved the motion. 

The final vote to ratify the constitution (bylaws) of the IULH, with the changes noted above, was unanimous.

After the meeting, Herr Sibrijns will make all content changes to the German, English and French versions of the bylaws of the IULH.  In the case of a dispute, the German language version of the bylaws will be the superlative. 

04. Determination of further actions
                The board of directors will be elected at the General Membership Meeting 2004.
                Member Clubs will start paying dues 01. January 2005
                Every delegate is a potential candidate for the board of directors of the IULH.
                Herr Zerle will have the Amtsgericht Leonberg go over the bylaws to make sure there are no legal
objections.  If the Amtsgericht Leonberg signs off                     on the document, it will be submitted for legal filing.  

05. Miscellaneous

a)       Spain requested that names of people that have been expelled from a Union Leonberger Breed Club be communicated to the other Union Clubs.  During the discussion it was also requested that a National Club inform other Union clubs of any kennels or breeders that have violated the breeding regulations of that club.

b)       The Italian Leonberger Award for 2004 will be presented to Ms. Wilma Beutelsbacher, Ms. Rita Pleibel and to Ms. Francesca Mavilla.

c)       In Italy, only Leonbergers with hip scores of HD-A or HD-B will be rated breedable by the club.

d)       There is a positive trend toward training Leonbergers to become water rescue dogs.  This year 50 Leonbergers will participate at the championship for water rescue dogs.

e)       Mr. Inwood suggests to annually examine the eyes of the Leonberger.

f)        In Sweden a new breeding program to be introduced will, for five years, concentrate on limiting close inbreeding, improve HD and ED scores, improve the anatomy and temperament of the dogs, and reduce problems with eye diseases.

g)       The LCA asked the member clubs to provide their breeding regulations to them

h)       Leonbergers now can earn the championship title in Great-Britain.

i)         Switzerland is conducting annual litter evaluations including a breed value estimation data collection.  62 Leonbergers participated in the evaluation in 2003.

j)         Last year almost 800,000 visits were recorded for the IULH website.  

k)    There is news on breeding regulations for Leonbergers in Denmark.
 The news:
From 01.01.2004 both parents should have x-ray on elbows and the result should be judged and signed by the DKK or a relevant authority in the country the dog lives in.
The general rules:
Male and bitch must be x-rayed with status result A1,A2,B1,B2 (x-rayed and judged before 01.01.2000) or status result A or B (DKK judged after 01.01.200). The minimum age for x-ray is 18 monthsd in Denmark.
The HD result must be approved by DKK/FCI.
For foreign dogs the following rules apply:
Corresponding FCI approved documentation of HD-result, with status A or B, must be sent to DLK. X-ray must comply with the age limit in the HD x-ray rules of the country.
Documentation that the dog has obtained at least "Very Good" or corresponding judgement in open class at an authorized show judged by a judge approved by DKK/FCI must be sent to DKK.
The dogs must be pedigreed (approved by FCI) and fulfill the breeding regulations of the special club of the home country.
For puppy mediation in the Danish Leonberger Club there are additional rules:
The parents must have teeth and bite according to the standard (Set of teeth counte"d, bite status certified, both certified by a veterinarian. Copy of result must be sent to DLK).
Dogs x-rayed before 01.01.2000 with present HD-status B2 must be x-rayed again and DKK judged after 01.01.2000 with HD status  A or B in order to be approved for puppy mediation.
Documentation that the dog has obtained at least "Excellent" or corresponding judgement in open class at an authorized show judged by a judge approved by DKK/FCI must be sent to DKK.


Mathias Ring                                                                                                                                    Gerhard Zerle

Secretary                                                                                                                                            President of the IULH


Leonberg, 10.10.2003