Venue:Hotel Kirchner Leonberg

Time 10:00 – 13:00 Uhr

Those present: representatives from the member clubs of

Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovak Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, USA.

Participant with observer status: Ireland

Absent: France, New Zealand.

The Committee: All members of the board were present.

Chairman : Agenda items 1-3  Union President Gerhard Zerle.

                   Agenda items  4-10, the newly elected Union president Willi Güllix.

Minutes: were taken by the Union secretary, Hein Sibrijns.



  1. Welcoming Introduction.
  2. Reports    a)  President                      

                          b)  Treasurer

                     c)  Secretary

                          d)  Auditors

      3.   Discussion of the reports and discharge of the Committee.

      4.   Election of a new Committee

      5.   Election of the auditors

      6.   The Budget for 2009, Membership dues 2009.

      7.   News from the member countries.

      8.   Breeding problems.

      9.    New initiatives from the Union.

     10.   Miscellaneous.


1.    Introduction.

The President opened the meeting at 10:15am.

He welcomed the delegates and noted with pleasure that so many clubs were represented.


2.     Reports

a.     President’s Report.  Mr Zerle

After the last meeting the Committee began planning a Symposium and decided on a provisional agenda.

It was decided that there was insufficient time to plan for a date in September 2008 and so it was moved to 2009.

In 2008, for the first time the special Union Prizes for BOB and Best Veteran were awarded at the jubilee Club Show in Austria.  The laser crystal prizes were much admired.

Mr Zerle had judged at several club Shows and Special Shows and seen many very excellent dogs; the breed has made a step forward.

Mr Zerle will not stand for re-election as Union President and he will greatly miss working for the Union.


b.     Treasurer’s Report - Peter Cejnek

The balance sheet was handed out at the meeting.

All member clubs were fully paid up for 2007.

On 31-12-2007 the Union’s assets amounted to 5801.36 Euros and the total number of members from the member clubs was 10,400.


c.     Secretary’s report - Hein Sibrijns.

The Union web site has attracted many visitors.

There are no really new developments in the field of Poly Neuropathy.

The Swiss (Vetsuisse Bern) are now working together with the Americans. (University of Minnesota)  Several institutes are working towards finding a genetic marker and the work will begin when sufficient funds have been raised.

After the release of various publications in several countries, the disease is now more easily diagnosed and new instances have been discovered.

At the last meeting it was suggested that the Secretary should create a protected area on the web site, where clubs could exchange information about the disease.

Following that meeting, information provided has been suitable for open publication, so to date no such protected area has been necessary.

Two dogs from the same litter have been diagnosed with Leuco-encephalo-myelopathy, (LEM) a disease which resembles PN in its worse form.  Any dog with LEM has to be put to sleep within six months of the condition being diagnosed.

Let us hope that LEM in Leonbergers remains a very rare disease.


d.      Auditor’s report.

Anita Treichler (CH) and Jim Henshaw (USA) had checked the accounts which closed 31-12-2007,  as well as the accounts for the current year.  They were satisfied that everything is in order and they thanked the Treasurer Peter Cejnek for doing a good job.  They proposed that the meeting accept the accounts and discharged the treasurer and the board.  The proposal was not discussed and was accepted unanimously.


3.     Discharge of the Committee

The Committee was unanimously discharged.


4.      Election of a new Committee.

The Russian delegation proposed Mr Zerle and Mr Perosino for a new term of office.

Gerhard Zerle and Guido Perosino refused the nominations.

The Russian delegation thanked both gentlemen for their work.

G. Zerle and G. Perosino left the meeting.


There was then some confusion as to how to proceed, because the Committee had not proposed new candidates and the member clubs had not been invited to nominate candidates.

The statutes for the Union do not contain an election procedure, because in Germany candidates usually are only nominated during an AGM.  In other countries members are invited to nominate candidates before an AGM.

The Swiss Club had foreseen this problem and before the AGM had submitted a proposal for a new Committee, to all the presidents of the member clubs.

It was decided that at the next Committee meeting there will be a proposal for an electoral procedure to be added to the statutes, this to be voted in at the next AGM.

An election committee was appointed, composed of

George Leipelt, (D) Beth O’Connor, (USA) and Säde Crivelli, (CH)

Beth O’connor to be election supervisor and Hein Sibrijns to be secretary.

Each member club was asked for a nomination for each office.


Because there were no other nominations for the office of president, Willi Güllix was nominated, to conform to the Swiss proposal.

Willi accepted the proposal and was unanimously elected as president.

Despite Guido Perosino refusing to be a candidate, the Russian delegation nominated G Perosino for the vice presidency.  This could not be voted upon.

To conform to the Swiss proposal Anita Treichler was nominated and unanimously elected as vice president.

The treasurer Peter Cejnek was unanimously re-elected.

The secretary Hein Sibrijns was also unanimously re-elected.

The newly elected committee assembled and Willi Güllix took over as chairman.

Mr Zerle and Mr Perosino returned to the meeting.

Willi Güllix thanked both gentlemen for their work for the Union and outlined plans for the future.


In the long term, emphasis would be given to :


1. A recommendation for uniform breeding regulations,

2. The establishment of guidelines and recommendations regarding the improvement and adjustment of breed type. 

3. The pursuit and combat of hereditary faults and diseases.


In the short term the planned judges seminar and symposium would be realised.


In accordance with a proposal from Russia, Willi Güllix proposed that Gerhard Zerle is made an honorary president.

The delegates warmly welcomed the proposal and Mr Zerle was delighted with this honour.


5.     Election of the Auditors.

Jim Henshaw was unanimously re-elected.

Säde Crivelli was unanimously elected as successor to Anita Treichler.


6.    The Budget for 2009/Membership fees for 2009

The Union finances are healthy.

It was unanimously decided to maintain the membership dues at a fixed fee of 50 euros plus 0.20 euros per member.



7.     News from the member countries/ breeding problems within the Union countries.


The Slovakian Club has a new president.  The club now has 40 members and hopes to grow.

A club show is planned for 9th October 2009 in Bragtislava.  This is the day before the FCI world dog show and everyone is invited to participate.


The Austrian Club thanked everyone who took part and supported their 30th anniversary club show.  The Club had used the Union logo designed by Jenny Kennish, as the design for the Union prizes.  As a thank you gift Michaela Wolf offered a laser crystal ornament depicting the logo, to Fred Inwood, on Jenny’s behalf.


The Swedish Club raised the problem of dogs being groomed, blow dried and modelled into shape for presentation at shows, similar to the preparation of Newfoundlands.  Unfortunately judges reward this appearance with high placements.

It was unanimously agreed that a Leonberger coat should not be cut and modelled into shape, with the exception of the feet.  Leonbergers must be shown with their natural coat and must not be over groomed.  Also they should not be leashed up and stacked and Judges should not promote these practises.

Guido Perosino said that there are two schools of showing.  In England, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and the USA, it is permitted for Leonbergers to be groomed and modelled in the same way as Newfoundlands.
In other countries a dog is placed lower if it has been “modelled.”
The AKC standard says clearly:
T"he Leonberger must always be shown naturally, with no alterations of coat, except for neatening of feet.".

It was agreed that Leonbergers should be shown with a clean, natural coat, so as to present their natural shape.


The English Club invited everybody to visit their 25th anniversary club show to be held on October 19th 2008.

They like to invite continental judges, but it was explained that the British Kennel Club has a rule requiring every judge to provide his or her CV.

The Kennel Club is strongly promoting the breeding of healthy dogs under the campaign  “Fit for Life,”  Breed standards are being checked for points that lead to exaggerated and cruel breeding.

The EU already has laws against cruel breeding.

The club has raised £1,000 for research into Poly Neuropathy.

To assist research and statistics it is possible to register the cause of death of a Leonberger on the club web site.

Bitches cannot be bred from after their seventh birthday.


The Irish Club has 34 members, together owning 40 dogs.

There are 4 Irish Champions and one Irish Junior Champion.

The code of ethics requires health testing for hips, elbows and eyes.

The first Club Show will be organised in 2009 and FCI European Winner Show will take place in Dublin on 31st May 2009. (Judge - Hans Muller, CH)


The Czech Club thanked the Russian and Finnish Club for their support in donating prizes for their 20th anniversary show.

By means of a poll, the Club will carry out research on behalf of the Union to discover what influence clubs have over the registration or non registration of dogs, and on the breeding ability of dogs.

The variations in type found in the Leonberger breed, could be the result of different breeding regulations. 

A draft questionnaire was handed out to the delegates.

Daniela Pavlovska requested the addresses of the representatives responsible for overseeing breeding in each club, so that she can distribute the questionnaires.

The results of the poll will be shared with all member clubs.

Daniela Pavlovska and Hein Sibrijns will answer any questions.

In future, in the Czech Republic, bitches may not have more than three litters.


The Swiss Club.  Anita Treichler reported on the research into Poly Neuropathy at Bern University.  Professor Leeb in Bern and Dr Patterson in Minnesota have agreed to work together.

As well as blood samples from poly neuropathy affected dogs, blood samples are required from clinically healthy dogs between the age of 8-9 years .

In Switzerland dogs with HD-C can be bred once.  Before an eventual second breeding, 80% of those puppies must have scored HD-A or HD-B.

In future all dogs must be elbow scored.

The Swiss Club celebrates its 40th anniversary on 6th and 7th June 2009 and everyone is invited to attend this jubilee Club Show.


The Canadian Club has 77 members and they have held two special shows. 

54 people with 30 dogs attended a fun day and 12 dogs took their Canine Good Neighbour certification.

In 2007 there were 24 litters with 110 puppies registered.  Canada is a very large country and the Leonberger population is very spread out.  The focus for the future will be to establish more regional clubs.


In Belgium, after 1st January 2009 a DNA certificate (ISAG 2006 ) will be required from every stud dog, including stud dogs from abroad.  Stud dog owners should therefore remember to sort this out with the Belgian owner of the bitch, before the mating.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) has recently recognised the Leonberger breed.

The Leonberger Club of America is the parent club. 

For the next 1-2 years the Leonberger will remain in the miscellaneous group.

During this time AKC judges will be trained and if necessary the AKC standard will be adjusted.


The Italian Club will award the millennium award to Anita Treichler at the Club Show to be held on 25th April 2009 in San Saccaria, in recognition for her work into poly neuropathy research.


9. New Initiatives for the Union.

There will be a Judges seminar in 2009.  Willi Güllix asked Guido Perosino to organise this with him and Guido accepted.

A symposium will be held in 2010


10. Miscellaneous

There were no questions

The president closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their contributions.


The meeting closed at 1pm

Leonberg,   27th September 2008


Gerhard Zerle                          Willi Gullix                             Hein Sibrijns

President I.L.U.                       New President I.L.U.             Secretary I.L.U.

Chairman of the meeting.         Chairman of the meeting.         Recorder of the Minutes.