Minutes of the meeting of the committee of the International Leonberger Union, held on the 23d September 2005 in Hotel Kirchner, Leonberg, Germany.


The complete committee was present: Mr. Zerle, Mr. Perosino, Mr. Cejnek, Mr. Leipelt and Mr. Sibrijns.


Guido Perosino handed out  a sufficient number of  copies for the coming years, of the letterhead he made for the Union.


Discussed was the situation in the USA, where both the member of the Union (LCA) and another club (LCUS) applied for recognition of the breed by AKC and AKC parent club status.

The president of the Union, Mr. Zerle has send a letter of recommendation for the LCA to AKC.

Which club will gain parent club status is an internal United States affair in which the Union can and will not interfere, the club that gains parent club status will be the Union member for the US in the future.


The Moravian-Schlesian Leonberger Club in Czech Republic applied for observer status membership.

The Czech Republic is represented in the Union by the Czechian Leonberger Club.

 The Moravian-Schlesian club is recognized by the FCI umbrella body in Czech Republic, they send a copy of statutes and bylaws and a declaration of acknowledgement of the Union’s regulations to the president of the Union, so they meet the requirements for observer status membership, being a second recognized club in Czech Republic.

The committee will propose the Annual General Meeting to vote in favour of observer status membership.

Clubs with observer status do not have to pay a fee, they have no voting rights and if they participate in Union activities, they have to pay full fee.


The Leonberger Club New Zealand applied for membership. They presented extensive documentation, they are recognized by the FCI umbrella body in NZ and sent a declaration of acknowledgement of the Union’s rules.

The committee will propose membership to the Annual General Meeting.


There is now a recognized national Leonberger Club in Canada.

This club did not yet apply for Union membership.


An Estonian Leonberger owner thought she could participate in the Union’s Annual General Meeting, however there is not yet a Leonberger club in Estonia, Leonberger owners are member of a club for Landseers and Newfoundlands, only single breed Leonberger clubs can apply for Union membership.


The Hungarian Leonberger Club is recognized by the ministry of agriculture, but it is not a member of the Hungarian FCI umbrella body,  there is no committee and as far as we can trace there are no members left, so the Hungarian Leonberger Club lost the parameters for being an Union member.

Therefore, the Hungarian Leonberger Club will be removed from Union’s members list.

As soon as a new club is founded in Hungary, that club can apply for membership.


The president of the French club advised Mr. Zerle by letter that the French club is not a member of the Union, until the statutes item “1 member=1 vote” has be revised to a number of votes per member, which number is to reflect the importance of the member.

The statutes were voted  last year, only France sustained from voting then, all other members voted in favour of “1 member=1 vote”.

Members have the right to propose changing the statutes, a non member , like France is now, can not make such a proposition.

In order to try to have France review its opinion the’ French club has been invited to send an observer to tomorrow’s meeting and France has been invited to send judges to the judges seminar.

France has delegated Mr. Buff as observer to the AGM on 24-9-2005.

The will send 3 judges to the Judges seminar on November 19: Miss Pagenel, Miss Pambou Makaya and Mr. Vernon.

The committee will continue trying to get France back as a member, perhaps opinions in France can change after the elections on the 1st October 2005.


In Italy there are now ”selection  pedigrees” for dogs that come from combinations that meet a number of requirements, both where health and confirmation are concerned.


The German club will sign an agreement with FCI, allowing the German club (in tis status of  club from the country of origin of the breed) to communicate directly with FCI about problems in the Leonberger breed.

On proposal of Guido Perosino a statement, stressing the versatility of the Leonberger breed will be added to the contract.


Mr. Pablo Pabst, the former President and  representative of the  Swiss club has been invited to attend the AGM on personal title, the German club has awarded him the golden pin of honour that will be handed over to him during the meeting by Gerd Zerle.


Mr. Fred Inwood,  former president and representative of the British Club has been invited to the AGM  on personal title.


The Union will this year pay the diner after the AGM.


Hein Sibrijns is asked to write a letter stating that the Union’s website is the property of the Union.

Then the costs of the  hosting  of the website can be paid by the Union.


Leonberg, 23-9-2005


Hein Sibrijns