Leonbergse Honden Club Nederland

Official Web site: http://www.leonberger.nl/   

Club Contact:
Mrs. Carla Dusseldorp
Vinkerstraat 39
6464 GJ Kerkrade
Tel: 06-46230179
Email: secretaris@lhcn.nl

Number of Club Members 2019: 459

Number of puppies born 2017: 189

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In the year 1962 the sisters Josť van de Pas-Stramer and Metha Stramer went to Germany en returned with one male en two female Leonberger dogs from small villages in the near vicinity of Leonberg.
These three Leonbergers were registered in the "Nederlandse Hondenstamboek", the Netherlands Breeding Register.
In 1963 the first litter could be registered with the Dutch Kennel Club. Two male and four female Leonberger puppies were born. The parents were Alf v.d. Achalm (Cardus v.d Muhlengrund x Daisy v.d Solitude) and Elka v Rossbach (Akbar v.d Burghalde x Dorle v Rossbach). Breeders: the ladies Van De Pas-Stramer and Stramer.
Those ladies founded the Dutch club in 1966.
The first Leonberger registered in Holland dates from june 6, 1900. This was Hector (Barry v, Muhlenbach x Diana Weijers). The breeder was A. Ras.