Slovakian Leonberger Club

Foundation date 03/10/1991

Official Web

Club Contacts:
President: Jan Kovac  +421903903283
Secretary Geiza VIDECZKY +421918600434

Number of members in 2022: 34
Number of litters born in  2022: 2

Breeding rules:


-min. two club or speciality shows in Slovakia, one in class juniores/intermedia and another in class open and up. Result Excellent or Very good. More than twice Good or worse = not for breeding. In special occasions, when the dog can not absolve the younger classes, a certificated club veterinary doctor will examine the eyes for lid anomalies or surgery.


Xrays examination for hip dysplasy (min.age 18 months)  – only result A,B or C (C can be mated only to A degree)

DNA profile

– Genetic test for LPN1, LPN2 – can be also clear test of both parents

LPN1 carrier can be mated only to clear partner

LPN1 affected and LPN2 carrier and affected are not for breeding allowed

– Genetic test for LEMP – can be also clear test of both parents

LEMP carrier can be mated only to clear partner

LEMP affected is not allowed for breeding


Bonitation (Korung) – minimum age is 20 months for both males and females weight, height are measured, exterior examined, basic character test


The studs and brood females must be shown on a Slovak club or speciality show at least once in 2 years, so they can hold the status for breeding.


Studs are allowed to mate life long.

Females only up to the first day of 8th year of age. Females are allowed to have only 4 litters in life, minimum time from the last litter to next mating at least 9 months.