Internationale Union für Leonberger Hunde


As things went very well for the Leonberger after WW II and Leos again were finding fanciers of the breed in other countries, the breed was recognized by FCI in 1955 and clubs were founded outside Germany (France in 1963, Holland in 1966 and Switzerland in 1969).

Communications between these diverse clubs was almost always quite good.
The population of the breed was not very large, so in 1974 Holland and Switzerland proposed formation of a European Union of Leonberger Clubs and therefore allow the Clubs to join forces.
In 1975 the Union was founded under the name "European Union fur Leonberger Hunde".
Delegations from the clubs in Holland, Switzerland, and Germany, as well as Leolovers from Austria, Denmark, France and Italy were present.
France joined the Union some time later, since the official French club did not want to join the Union and a dissident club did want to join, but was not accepted.
Luckily after some time the two french clubs eventualy came together and France became a full member of the Union.
Every year a meeting of representatives from the Union member countries and a club show are held during the last weekend in September.
In 1978 clubs were founded in Denmark, Belgium and Austria that joined the Union.
In 1982 Sweden followed, in 1987 Italy. In 1988 Czech Republic, Fiuland, Slovak Republic and the United Kingdom became members, followed by Norway in 1990, Spain in 1995, Hungary in 1998 and Russia in 1999.
New Zealand joined the Union in 2003. The Leonberger Club of Canada joined in 2007, the Leonberger Club of Ireland joined with observer status in 2007 and got full membership in 2011.
Estonia joined the Union in 2013. There are currently 20 member nations from Europe, Asia and North America.
A real sense of partnership and excellent communications is maintained throughout the Union membership.
Willi Güllix is now President of the Union.