10/11/2018 2d  Best Junior in Show in St. Petersburg
06/11/2018 Minutes 2018 published
30/10/2018 BIG in St Petersburg, Russia
15/10/2018 FCI European Dog Show results published
05/10/2018 BIG1 in St. Petersburg, Russia
02/10/2018 Results Cluny ands Leonberg added
11/09/2018 Results club show Belgium added
28/08/2018 BIS in Novgorod, Russia
21/08/2018 Second in group in Ireland
19/08/2018 Results Sapnish club show
14/08/2018 Results Wolrd Dog Show
03/08/2018 BIG4 in Kaliningrad, Russia
23/07/2018 BIG2 in Smolensk, Russia
28/06/2018 Succeses in Ireland and Krakow, Poland
27/06/2018 Results club show Switzerland added
20/06/2018 Results club show The Netherlands added.
17/06/2018 Results club show Estonia added
14/06/2018 BIG2 in Minsk, BIS1 in St Petersburg.
05/06/2018 Results club Show CZ and club show GB added.
01/06/2018 Privacy policy declaration added
31/05/2018 Results club show Austria added.
23/05/2018 BIG3 in Moscow and BIG1 in Dublin
14/05/2018 Results club show NZ
12/05/2018 Best brace in Irun, Spain
27/04/2018 BIS4 and BIG2 in Dublin (Ireland) , BIG3 in Maribor (Slovenia)
04/04/2018 Two group wins in Imatra, Finland
02/04/2018 BIG2 in Goes, Netherlands
26/03/2018 Club show results Schweden added
25/03/2018 Best Brace in Show 2 in Zaragoza
20/03/2018 BIS in St Petersburg, Russia
15/03/2018 Minutes ILU-HC conference call added
03/03/2018 BIS2 in Budapest, Hungary
20/02/2018 Best Junior in Show 3 in Narva, Estonia
15/02/2018 BIS in St Petersburg RF
22/01/2018 2d and 3d Best Minor Puppy in Celje, Slovenia
22/01/2018 2d Place Dog of the Year show in Sweden
05/01/2017 BIS 4 in Dublin, Ireland
30/12/2017 Results Finnish club shows 2015, 2016 and 2017 added
20/12/2017 Results club show UK added
20/12/2017 1st in Group in St. Petersburg
17/12/2017 3d in Group in Gorinchem
13/12/2017 3d in group in Helsinki.
06/12/2017 2d in Group in Dublin.
09/11/2017 Wins in Sweden and St. Petersburg
01/11/2017 Minutes AGM ILU published
01/11/2017 Best Puppy in Group in Dublin, Ireland
28/10/2017 Results club shows Denmark added
06/10/2017 Results club show Cluny added
29/09/2017 Results club show Leonberg added
26/09/2017 Composition ILU Health Committee changed
26/09/2017 Results club show Ireland (19/08/2017) added
16/09/2017 Results club show Hogbo added
12/09/2017 BIS-1 and BIS-2 in Stockholm and Hogbo, Sweden
05/09/2017 Results FCI European Dog Show 2017
04/09/2017 Results club show Belgium
30/08/2017 Don't forget to enter for the  WDS
27/08/2017 Research manuscript LPN2 published
23/08/2017 6 Group wins in Sweden
19/08/2017 Results club show Spain added
15/08/2017 BIG 1 in St. Petersburg, Russia
31/07/2017 Notes ILU Health Committee added
28/07/2017 Info WDS Leipzig
14/07/2017 Results club show Boras, Sweden
14/07/2017 BIS in Boras, Sweden
03/07/2017 Best brace in Asturias, Spain
02/07/2017 BIG3 in Echt, the Netherlands
28/06/2017 BIG1 in St Petersburg, Russia.
17/06/2017 Results club show Estonia added
17/06/2017 Results club shows Hasselholm Sweden, Switzerland and Holland added
15/06/2017 BIS3 in Hannover, Germany.
13/06/2017 4 group wins in Sweden
03/06/2017 Group placements in Madrid, Neumünster, Riccione and Chemnitz added.
30/05/2017 BIS in Gimo, Sweden.
27/05/ 2017 Pup of the year in Ireland (17/04/2017)
26/05/2017 Results club show USA  (23/04/2017) added
25/05/2017 BIS in Wieselburg, Austria
22/05/2017 Results club show Austria added
11/05/2017 BIG3 in Erfurt, Germany
08/05/2017 Genetic test for LEMP disease finally available
01/05/2017 Results club shows Finland and Italy published
26/04/2017 New wins published
15/04/2017 Best pup in show in Dublin
05/04/2017 Best in Group in Banbridge and Portadown, Nothern Ireland
29/03/2017 3BIG in Moscow.
27/03/2017 Best in Show and reserve Best in Show in Riga, Latvia.
21/03/2017 Reserve Best Working group at Crufts.
15/03/2017 2d best brace in Offenburg, Germany
06/03/2017 2d Group 2 in Groningen, the Netherlands
01/03/2017 BIG2 in Fredericia, Denmark (12/02/2017)
28/02/2017 Video health committee now available with German  and French subtitles.
21/02/2017 2x BIG3 in Celje, Slovenia
19/02/2017 Best brace in Show 2 in Zaragoza, Spain.
18/02/2017 BIG2 and BIG3 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
07/02/2017 BIG3 in St. Petersburg, Russia
10/01/2017 BOG-2 and Best in Show in Gothenburg, Sweden
30/12/2016 Reserve BIG in Dublin, Ireland
15/12/2016 BIS in Wles, Austria and christmas message president
12/12/2016 Reserve Best in Show and 3d Best Veteran in Amsterdam
19/11/2016 BIG 2 in St Petersburg
19/11/2016 Results championship club show UK added
16/11/2016 Successes in Karlsruhe, Germany.
14/11/2016 BIG3 and Best Brace in  Show in Varese, Italy (30/10/2016)
08/11/2016 BIG-2 in Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
02/11/2016 Revised AKC breed standard published
01/11/2016 Results club show Sundsvall, Sweden
01/11/2016 Group 2 winner in Dublin, Ireland
18/10/2016 BIG1 & BIG2 in Dortmund, Germany
17/10/2016 Minutes AGM published
12/10/2016 Best in Show in St Petersburg and 3d Brace in Show in Talavera.
02/10/2016 Results Club Show Cluny added
28/09/2016 Link health video added
12/09/2016 Best couple in show in Tirgu Mures, Romania and 2BIG in Bangor, Ireland
12/09/2016 Results Belgian club show added
04/09/2016 Results Spanish club show added
24/08/2016 Reserve best junior in show in Ireland.
22/08/2016 Results Club Show Askersund added
17/08/2016 BIG2 in Innsbruck and Best in Show and Best Baby in Show in Novgorod
04/08/2016 Successes in Ličge Belgium, Sarajevo Bosnia and Peja Kosovo.
26/07/2016 2BIS Veteran in Boras, Sweden (3 July 2016)
22/07/2016 Successes in Oberwart Austria and Szombately Hungary.
19/07/2016 Best pup in show in Ireland
18/07/2016 Best Brace in show in Irun (Spain) on 24th April 2016. 1st BIG 4th BIS and 1st BIG in Tvaaker, Sweden
16/07/2016 Results  Danish club show and club show in Tvaakler, Sweden, added
05/07/2015 Results 25th Anniversary show Norway added (05/06/2016)
02/07/2016 Results 50th Anniversary Club Show Dutch Leonberger Club added.
02/07/2016 Result World Winner Show in Moscow
01/07/2016 Best progeny group of group 2 on the WDS in Moscow
01/07/2016 Two wins in Croatia
28/06/2016 Results Russian anniversary club show added
21/06/2016 Wins in the main ring in St Petersburg and Aarau.
21/06/2016 Results Club Show Estonia added.
20/06/2016 Result Swiss club show added
20/06/2016 BIG and BIS in Drammen, Norway
30/05/2016 Results club show Italy added.
24/05/2016 Results club show Austria added
22/05/2016 Successes in Narva, St Petersburg and Saarbrücken
09/05/2016 Invitation from Russian Leonberger Club
08/05/2016 Results National Specialty LCA
06/05/2016 Sucesses in the main ring in St. Pertersburg, Lingen and Fermoy
20/04/2016 BIS in Salzburg, Austria and Best Group 2 in Banbridge, Ireland
12/04/2016 Best Pup in Show in Utrecht, the Netherlands
06/04/2016 BIS-1 in Moscow and BIS-3 in St. Petersburg
04/04/2016 BIS in Mulhouse, France
22/03/2015 Best pup in show in Leiden (Netherlands)
15/03/2016 Show successes in St. Petersburg, Stragnas and Offenburg.
14/03/2015 List LPN results updated
05/03/2016 2d best minor pup  and 2d BIG in Groningen, the Netherlands
03/03/2016 BIG1 in Arezzo, Italy
29/02/2016 Date club Show Switzerland changed to 29th May

20/02/2016 3BIG in Perpignan and this time res.BIS in St Petersburg
11/02/2016 BIS  in St Petersburg
08/02/2016 2d BIS  in Kaunas

04/02/2016 3 Big wins in Sweden
30/12/2015 Successes in Brussels, Amsterdam, Vilnius and Cuijck.
14/12/2015 More successes in Wels, Austria and in Stockholm, Sweden
11/12/2015 Club show calendar updated  3d best veteran in show in Wels, Austria
09/12/2015 Best veteran in show in Den Bosch (NL)  and 3d best in group in Kassel (D)
04/12/2015 BIS in St. Petersburg (Russia) and 2d Brace in Bilbao (Spain)
25/11/2015 BIG 1 in Jyvaskyla, Finland
14/11/2015 2d Couple in Geneva, Switzerland
19/11/2015 3d Best veteran in Show in Bleiswijk and 1st Best Veteran in Show in Kortrijk.
09/11/2015 BIG1 in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands
07/11/2015 BIG1 and BIS2 in Vaxjo, Sweden
23/10/2015 Results club show Leonberg published
22/10/2015 BIS3 on Bundessieger Show in Germany
22/10/2015 BIS3 in Hamar, Norway
22/10/2015 1 BIG in Visby, Sweden
22/10/2015 3 BIG in Stockholm, Sweden
08/10/2015 Best veteran in  show in Charleroi (B)
02/10/2015 Best Veteran in Show in Maastricht (NL)
02/10/2015 Result club show Sweden added
29/09/2015 Results Deinze & Cluny published
16/09/2015 Notes health committee meeting published
15/09/2015 Best of Group in Libramont, Belgium
6/09/2015 Show successes in in Bilbao, Liege and Luxemburg added
27/08/2015 Best veteran in Mechelen (B)
22/08/2015 Results Spanish club show added
18/08/2015 Results Irish club show added
02/08/2015 Club show Karlskoga (Sweden) added
02/08/2015 Group placements in Sweden added
07/07/2015 Winner WDS published
06/07/2015 BIG-BIS3 and 2d Best puppy in shows in Genk, Belgium
22/06/2015 Leonberger BIG3 in Klatovy (CZ)
22/06/2015 Results Dutch Club Show added
06/06/2015 Results Swiss club show added
01/06/2015 Results Russian natioonal club show added
18/05/2015 Results Lidkoping, Sweden  and Austria added
18/05/2015 BIG 3 in Kreuzlingen,  Switzerland.
14/05/2015 Best in Show in Banja Luka (Bosnia) and BIG3 in Dortmund (Germany)
08/05/2015 CKC breed standard updated
07/05/2015 Results Club Show Italy added
05/05/2015 Best Puppy in Show in St Petersburg, Best in Show in Vasteras and Best in Group in Lidkoping
22/04/2015 Best Junior in Chemnitz, Germany
14/04/2015 Res BIS Junior winner in Tallinn, Estonia
01/04/2015 Best puppy in show and 3d brace in Salzburg, Austria
23/03/2015 BIG3 on Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow
20/03/2015 Best in Group 2 at Crufts and Best In Show in Strangnas
15/03/2015 LPN test order form in Spanish added
14/03/2015 New succes in St Petersburg and Moscow RF
24/02/2015 Continuing successes in St. Petersburg RF
20/02/2015 Again succeses in St. Petersburg and Budapest
17/02/2015 Best in Show in Fribourg, Switzerland
01/02/2015 Minutes of the health committee meeting 26/01/2015
31/01/2015 Best in Show  and best baby in show in St. Petersburg, RF
19/01/2015 3 succeses in Ljublijana, Slovenia.
16/01/2015 Health research project in Germany
16/01/2015 4th Couple in Genk, Belgium
11/01/2015 3 successes in Sweden
20/12/2014 President's christmas message published
19/12/2014 2d BIG in Stockholm
15/12/2014 2d Best couple in Amsterdam.
09/12/2014 Minutes of the AGM 2014 published
08/12/2014 Present to the Union on the occasion of 15 years membership Russian club
08/12/2014 Leonberger BIG2 and BIG3 on douyhble show in Wells, Austria
03/12/2014 Leonberger BIG and BIS iu Moscow.
01/12/2014 Leonberger BIG2 in Nitra, Slovakia
23/11/2014 2d BIG in Cloghran, Ireland
17/11/2014 BIG and JBIG succeses in Geneva, Switzerland
17/11/2014 Leonberg 3d BIG in Karlsruhe, Germany
16/11/2014 Results British Club Show added
09/11/2014 The president of the Spanish club received the golden pin of honour from the Spnnish kennel club.
07/11/2014 Leonberger 3d BIG in Busto Arsizio, Italy
04/11/2014 Leonberger BIB in Växjö, Sweden
28/10/2014 Results club show Brno added
15/10/2014 Results Slovak Club Show added (17/05/2014)
14/10/2014 Leonberger Best in Group in Sundsvall (Sweden)
14/10/2014 Results club show Sundsvall added
08/10/2014 Leonberger BIG3 in Bratislava (SK).
07/10/2014 The revised versions of the constitution have been published
04/10/2014 Results Leonberg added
03/10/2014 Manuscript LNP1 test published.
03/10/2014 DNA-bank proposal
02/10/2014 Committee updated
02/10/2014 Results Clubshows Sweden and France added
18/09/2014 Leonberger BIG in Mecvhlen and 2d BIG in Luxemburg
16/09/2014 Results Belgian club show added
16/09/2004 Results Dutch club show added
15/09/2014 Leonberger BIS in Visby, Sweden
02/09/2014 Leonberger BIG3 in Bremen, Germany
27/08/2014 Results club show Estonia added
05/08/2014 Leonberger succeses in Jonkoping, Sweden
03/08/2014 Results Spanish club show added
29/07/2014 Again Leonberger BIG in Ransäter, Sweden
21/07/2014 Leonberger BIG in Askersund, Sweden.
16/07/2014 Leonberger BIG in Tvaaker, Sweden.
05/07/2014 Nearly 10 years old veteran BIS on a regional club show in Germany
02/07/2014 A test for LPN2 is now available.
17/06/2014 Leonberger BIG1 in Saarbrücken, Germany.
15/06/2014 Results club shows USA and Switzerland added
09/06/2014 New breed specialist judges the Netherlands added.
07/06/2014 Leonberger BIG2 in Dortmund, Germany.
03/06/2014 Leonberger BIS2 in Hässleholm, Sweden
28/05/2014 Result Austrian club show added
28/05/2014 Leonberger 3d best in show in Wieze, Belgium.
28/05/2014 Results club show Sweden added.
13/05/2014 Results club show Italy added.
02/05/2014 Leonberger placed in group in Sweden
09/04/2014 Report International Leonberger Judges Seminar (30/03/2014)
08/04/2014 Leonberger breeding group 2d best at Eurasia Dog Show in Moscow
07/04/2014 UK judges list updated
07/04/2014 Leonberger 2x BIG 2 in Colmar, France.
26/03/2014 Leonberger BIS-2 in Malmö, Sweden
18/03/2014 Leonberger 2d BIG in Dublin.
15/03/2014 Leonberger puppy of the year in Stockholm
13/03/2014 Results Swedish Club Show added.
28/02/2014 Leonbergers BIG in Fribourg and Tuusniemi
19/02/2014 Leonberger 3d BIG in Rijeka, Croatia
14/02/2014 Leonberger BIG in Genk, Belgium
29/01/2014 Leonbergers best puppy and 2d BIG in Daugavpils (Latvia).
17/01/2014 Minutes AGM 2013 published
14/01/2014 Leonberger best puppy on special puppy show in Sweden
21/12/2013 Leonberger best puppy in show in Cuyk (NL)
04/12/2013 Leonbergers 3d best puppy and 3d best veteran in Den Bosch, the Netherlands
03/11/2013 An extensive article on the Spanish club show was published in El Mundo del Perro
31/10/2013 The First Waltraut Zieher Memorial Award winners notified.
25/10/2013 Results club show France (Cluny) added
16/10/2013 Reports Health Committee added
12/10/2013 Results club show Leonberg added
11/10/2013 Leonbergers placed in Group in Maastricht and Charleroi
02/10/2013 Results Dutch club show added
22/09/2013 Blood sampling on club show Leonberg
16/09/2013 Results Swedish Club Show Motala
13/09/2013 Results Swedish Club Show Högbo added
13/09/2013 Results Danish Club show (06-07-2013) added
11/09/2013 Leonberger 3d BIG in Leipzig, Germany
10/09/2013 Results European Winner Show added
09/09/2013 Results club show Belgium
02/09/2013 Results club show Spain
27/08/2013 Show successes in Mechelen, Rotterdam and Mons
19/08/2013 Free blood sampling for LPN1 test and Osteosarcome research on the Leonberg club show
11/08/2013 Austrian breed specialist judge added
30/07/2013 Leonberger 3d BIG in Chojnice (PL)
27/07/2013 Spanish Leonberger Homaje awarded to Wilma Kroon
04/07/2013 Minutes health committee meeting published
08/07/2013 Leonberger best pup in show in Dublin (Ireland) 
05/07/2013 Leonberger best pup in show in Deise, Ireland
03/07/2013 Leonberger was best in group on the world dog show on 17th May 2013
03/07/2013 Leonbergers 3d best of group and best couple in Lommel (B)
17/06/2013 Leonberger 3d BOG in Klatovy (CZ)
11/06/2013 Millennium awards Italian club (28/04/2013)
10/06/2013 Leonberger best pup of the day on World Dogshow Budapest (17-05-2013)
09/06/2013 Leonbergers best junior handling and best couple in Oss (NL)
09/06/2013 Page health committee added
06/06/2013 Results club show Switzerland added.
28/05/2012 Minutes first meeting of the health committee published
28/05/2013 Leonberger 3d BIG in Saarbrücken on 28/05/2012 (D)
18/05/2013 Progeny group with all dogs over 8 years best in France
18/05/2013 Results club show GB (11-11-2012) added
03/05/2013 Results club show Austria added.
02/05/2013 Results club show Italy added
23/04/2013 Leonberger 3d BIG in Munich, Germany.
21/04/2013 Leonberger 2d best in group in Goes (NL)
05/03/2013 Leonberger best in group in Groningen
03/03/2013 Leonberger 2d best veteran in show in Groningen (NL).
18/02/2013 Results club show Koping (Sweden) added
18/02/2013 Leonberger best puppy in shgow and third best pup in show in Arezzo and Budapest.
06/02/2013 Leonbergers best breeding group in Zaragoza, Spain.
18/01/2013 First Leonberger win of truffle search competition
17/12/2012 Christmas message president of the Union.
03/12/2012 Couple Leonbergers 2d place on Amsterdam Winner show.
09/11/2012 List breed specialist judges added
07/11/2012 Minutes delegates meeting 2012 available in English and German
04/11/2012 Leonberger 2d BIS in Leuven, Belgium
29/10/2012 First Leonberger Autralian Grand Champion
20/10/2012 Results club show Cluny added
14/10/2012 Contacts committees ILU updated
09/10/2012 Leonberger best of group in Zwolle, Netherlands
08/10/2012 Leonberger best of group in Charleroi, Belgium.
02/10/2012 Result club show Leonberg published
02/10/2012 Millenium awards 2013  Italian Leonberger club announced
02/10/2012 Leonberger best in show in Krefeld, Germany.
24/09/2012 Results club show Slovakia added
10/09/2012 Results club show Belgium added
09/09/2012 Waltraud Zieher diseased
26/08/2012 Again a double success for the Leonbergers in Mons, Belgium
20/08/2012 Leonbergers 3d best in show and best youth in Mechelen, Belgium
19/08/2012 Leonberger best of group in Askersund, Sweden
31/07/2012 Spanish Leonberger award awarded to An ita Treichler
24/07/2012 Leonberger 3d best of Group in Lokeren (Belgium)
19/07/2012 Results club shows Sweden added
08/07/2012 Leonberger éd BOG in Genk, Belgium
28/06/2012 Breeding group of a 12 yaer old male with 3 9 year old daughters in Grignon, France
25/06/2012 Results Swiss club show added.
19/06/2012 Leonberger best in show in Semur en Auxois, France.
15/06/2012 Results Club Show Finland added.
11/06/2012 Results club show Holland added
10/06/2012 Leonberger 3d best in show in Lommel, Belgium.
27/05/2012 Hotel information show and meeting ILU Leonberg.
26/05/2012 Leonberger best of group in Dortmund, Germany
26/05/2012 Results Austrian club show published
15/05/2012 Leonberger champion water rescue
07/05/2012 Leonberger best in show in St. Peterburg, Russia.
27/04/2012 Results club show Czech Republic added.
27/04/2012 Leonberger 3d best of group in Ravenna (Italy)
25/04/2012 Results club show Italy added
17/04/2012 Leonberger 3d BIS in Miskolc, Hungary.
10/04/2012 Leonberger pup reserve best pup in show in Ireland.
03/04/2012 Leonberger 3d best in show in Siauliai (Lithuania)
07/03/2012 Leonberger pups 2d an 3d pup in show in Groningen (the Netherlands) and Gonzago (Italy).
06/03/2012 Leonbergers best couple in Valence, France.
28/02/2012 Leonberger pup 3d best pup in group in Vallodolid, Spain.
20/02/2012 Leonberger 2d best youth in show and 3d coulpe in Bourg en Bresse, France
15/02/2012 Leonberger 3d best of group in Genk (Belgium)
04/02/2012 Case report LEMP added
09/01/2012 Results champioship club show UK added
21/12/2011 Christmas wishes added
03/12/2011 Belated publication of the results of the Irish club show
13/11/2011 Minutes of the delegates meeting 24/09/2011 added
31/10/2011 Leonberger 3d best veteran in show in Hannover, Germany
30/10/2011 Leonberger best in show in Leuven, Belgium
18/10/2011 Leonberger 2d best Veteran in Dortmund, Germany and best of FCI group II in Charleroi, Belgium
17/10/2011 Results club show New Zealand added
13/10/2011 Leonberger best youth dog of group 2, in Rostock, Germany
12/10/2011 Results club show France added
02/10/2011 Results club show Czech Republic added
26/09/2011 Results club show Leonberg added
14/09/2011 Results Club show Sveg, Sweden, added
14/09/2011 Leonberger BIS on group show in Riga, Latvia
14/09/2011 Results Club show Belgium added
0509/2011 Results 3 clubs shows in Norway added
05/09/2011 Leonberger best young dog in show in l'Isle Adam, France
29/08/2011 Leonberger 2d best of group in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
27/08/2011 Leonberger 3d in group in Mechelen, Belgium
18/08/2011 First AKC champion from Europe
18/08/2011 Leonberger 2d in group twice in Sweden
13/08/2011 Results club show Spain added
09/08/2011 Successes in the ring of honour in Papa (Hungary) and Chatel Guyon (France)
06/08/2011 Results open show GB added
24/07/2011 Leonberger 2d Best in Group in Lokerfen (Belgium)
14/07/2011 Belated publishing of 3d best in breeding group in Madrid, Spain
09/07/2011 Leonbergers best of FCI group 2 on the World Dog Show and on the Championnat de France in Paris.
08/07/2011 Results world dog show Paris
06/07/2011 Results club show Finland added
04/07/2011 Obituary Mr. Georg Leipelt
26/06/2011 Leonberger best of group in Genk, Belgium
25/06/2011 Link to Australia & New Zealand database added
20/06/2011 Leonberger best veteran on centennial anniversary show of Spanish Kennel Club
20/06/2011 Leonbergers 2d best in group in Douai, France and 2d best couple in Budapest, Hungary.
17/06/2011 Results Swiss club show published
10/06/2011 Results club show CZ added
09/06/2011 Results Italian club show added.
09/06/2011 Leonberger puppy best pup in shows in Sweden
09/06/2011 Leonbergers placed in Group in Belgium and Czech Republic
10/05/2011 Leonberger 2d Best in Show in Dortmund (Germany)
04/05/2011 Leonberger Best of Group and 2d an 3d BIS in Finland
02/05/2011 The Finnish Leonberger Club will use the German ZTP during a trial period until 2014.
02/05/2011 Leonberger 2d best junior in show in Zadar (Croatia)
02/05/2011 Leonberger 2d best veteran in show in Gipuzkoa (Spain)
26/04/2011 Leonberger Best Junior in Show and 2d B est of Group ijn Ceske Budejovice (CZ)
26/04/2011 Results club shows USA added
25/04/2011 Leonberger 3d best Junior in  Szilvasvarad (H)
20/04/2011 Italian championship rules updated
20/04/2011 Leonberger BIS in Kiev (Ukraine)
11/04/2011 The LPN1  results list is updated every 7-14 days.
11/04/2011 Leonberger 2d best junior in show in
Békéscsaba (H)
06/04/2011 Results clubshows Sweden and Denmark added
03/04/2011 Leonberger 2d best junior in show in Herd (Hungary)
07/03/2011 Leonberger best junior on international dog show in Zagreb (Croatia)
27/02/2011 Leonberger Best Veteran in show in Zaragoza, Spain
15/02/2010 Leonberger successes in Tallinn (Estonia) and Lohja (Finland)
14/02/2011 Leonberger successes in Best Junior in Show in Arezzo, Italy
14/02/2011 Leonberger 3d bBest in Group in Sao Paulo, Brazil
13/02/2011 Leonberger 2d best in group in Rheinberg, Germany
10/02/2011 Results club show UK added
09/02/2011 Leonberger best junior in show in Mouscron (Belgium).
05/02/2011 Results club show Denmark added
01/02/2011 Leonberger BOG and 2d BIS in Saldus, Latvia
25/01/2011 leonberger 3rd best of group in Nürnberg, Germany.
19/01/2011 Leonberger Best Veteran in Show in Bordeaux (France)
15/01/2011 Leonberger successes in Brussels and Gothenburg
02/01/2011 Leonberger 3d best in Group in Nantes (France)
30/12/2010 List of LPN1 test results published
14/12/2010 ILU President's Christmas message published
09/12/2010 Leonberger puppy placed in ring of honour in Budapest and in
08/12/2010 English and German versions of the minutes of the AGM 210 published
30/11/2010 Leonberger Best in Show in New Zealand
25/11/2010 Leonberger best and second best bay in show in  Bleiswijk and Leuven
24/10/2010 Recommendation for LPN1t-etsting published
23/10/2010 Resources page updated with new website og Guido Perosino's book
19/10/2010 Results Club show Cluny added
18/10/2010 Leonberger 3d best baby in Komarom, Hungary
12/10/2010 Leonberger best junior in Canberra, Australia
11/10/2010 Leonberger 3d BOG in Legionowo, Poland
08/10/2010 BOB club show Celje added
06/10/2010 Leonbergers best couple in Szentes, Hungary
06/10/2010 Leonberger best in show in Jaszbereny, Hungary
06/10/2010 Leonberger 3d best baby in show on the Euro Dogshow 2010
05/10/2010 Euro Dogshow 2010 winners added
03/10/2010 Leonberger 3d best in group in Florianopolis (Brazil).
03/10/2010 Results club show Leonberg added
20/09/2010 Leonberger 3d BOG in Monza, Italy.
19/09/2010 Leonberger best of working group in USA
14/09/2010 Results club show Belgium added
14/09/2010 Leonberger best baby in Opusztaszer (H)
07/09/2010 Leonberger best baby in Show in Targu Mures (RO)
30/08/2010 Update PN  blood sampling Leonberg
27/08/2010 Results club show Ireland added
24/08/2010 Questions and answers Poly Neuropathy research added
23/08/2010 Leonberger 2d best in group in Mechelen, Belgium
23/08/2010 Leonberger 2d best in  show in Tallinn, Estonia
23/08/2010 Leonberger place 3d in group 2 in  Leipzig, Germany
12/08/2010 LPN1 blood sample collection  in Leonberg
28/07/2010 Results Spanish club show added
21/07/2010 Leonberger best baby in show in Szombathely, Hungary
19/07/2010 Leonberger 3d best of group in Aurlilac, France
07/07/2010 Leonberger Best of Group in Vannas, Schweden
07/07/2010 Puppy stolen Budapest
04/07/2010 Results Danish club Show
02/07/2010 Results World Dog Show
02/07/2010 Fred Inwood's funeral
17/06/2010 Important announcement Leonberger Polyneuropathy
14/06/2010 Federacion Canina Internacional is not recogized by FCI
13/06/2010 (Leeonberger) Puppy scam in Australia
11/06/2010 Results 4 Norwegian club shows added
04/06/2010 Results Dutch club show added
01/06/2010 Leonberger best pup of group 2 in Fermoy, Ireland
01/06/2010 Leonberger best youth of FCI group 2 in Giessen (Germany)
28/05/2010 Results Russian club show added
25/05/2010 Leonberger 2d best of group in Pitea (sweden)
20/05/2010 First ever litter in Brazil
18/05/2010 Results Italian  Club Show added
16/05/2010 Reuslts Austrian club show added
12/05/2010 Leonberger 2d BIS in
Jászberény (H)
12/05/2010 Results Club Show Narvik added
04/05/2010 Results Czech Club Show added
04/05/2010 New board LCA
04/05/2010 Leonberger BIG 3 in Stockholm
04/05/2010 Update Poly Neuropathy
28/04/2010 Results national specialties LCA added
11/04/2010 Leonberger 3d Best Baby in Show in
Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (Poland)
07/04/2010 Results anniversary club show Finland added
28/03/2010 Leonberger best of FCI group 2 and 4th Best in Show on the international dog show in Montluçon, France
28/03/2010 Leonberger second of FCI group 2 on the International Dog Show in Luxemburg
17/03/2010 Leonberger best of group on the international dog show in Groningen (NL)
14/03/2010 New board  Italian club.
10/03/2010 German and Dutch versions of fertility survey form added.
08/03/2010 The fertility survey form is online
24/02/2010 Leonberger best puppy of group 2 in Montpellier (F)
11/02/2010 Forms for sending blood samples Polyneuropathy research added
03/02/2010 German Club CAC will be awarded on Finish club show.
30/01/2010 Leonberger 2d group 2 in Mouscron, Belgium
23/01/2010 New club contact Leonberger Club of Canada
22/12/2009 Leonberger  won National Champion waterwork in France.
17/12/2009 Forest Leo v. Jerichower Land best of group in Kassel (D)
01/12/2009 Results club show Moscow added.
30/11/2009 Information Finish club updated.
22/11/2009 Minutes International Judges Seminar published
19/11/2009 Recommandations from the International Jujges Seminar in Leonberg published
17/11/2009 Health/diseases pages restyled
13/11/2009 Leonberger 2d best veteran in show in Dortmund, Germany
11/11/2009 A1 Judges list UK updated
11/11/2009 Standards updated.
09/11/2009 Club Show calendar updated
03/11/2009 3 group placements for a Leonberger in Sweden
02/11/2009 English version of the minutes of the AGM added

02/11/2009 Club Show calendar updated
29/10/2009 German version of the minutes of the AGM added
29/10/2009 Club Show calendar updated
26/10/2009 Results Club Show GB added
25/10/2009 Results French Club Show Cluny added
19/10/2009 Leonberger 3d Best in Group on the natiuonal dog show in Dortmund (Germany)
14/10/2009 Polyneuropathy pages updated
13/10/2009 Results Slovakian Club Show added
13/10/2009 Results of the World Dog Show in Bratislava added
10/10/2009 Info anal furunculosis  research added
08/10/2009 Updated AKC breed standard published
07/10/2009 Results club show Norway (04.07.2009) added
05/10/2009 Leonberger 2d place in FCI group 2 in Rostock, Germany.
05/10/2009 Member clubs offered presents to the Union.
04/10/2009 Results club show Leonberg
15/09/2009 Double Leonberger group successes in Leipzig (Germany)
14/09/2009 Results club show Hogbo (S) added.
06/09/2009 Results club show Belgium added.
06/09/2009 New club contacts Danish Leonberger Club
01/09/2009 Leonberger 2d best of group in St. Ghislain (Belgium)
17/08/2008 Results club show Ireland added.
17/08/2009 Leonberger best of group on the Navan Dog Show in Ireland
13/07/2009 Change club contacts and update history Austrian Leonberger Club
13/07/2009 New board Leonberger Club of Ireland
13/07/2009 Results club show Vinfjeltjun (Norway)  added
10/07/2009 Entry form French club show added.
23/06/2009 Voulé du Clos de Grés best of group on the championat de France
17/06/2009 Results club Show Russia added
15/06/2009 Leonberger best in group and 2d best in show in Lommel (Belgium)
14/06/2009 Results club show Switzerland added
13/06/2009 Results club show Slovak Republic added
13/06/2009 Results club show Norrvidiçnge added
13/06/2009 Results clubshow Vallentuna added
08/06/2009 Spanish club show results added
03/06/2009 Italian club show results added
02/06/2009 European Winner Show winners added
28/08/2009 Results club show Kristiansand (Norway) added
28/05/2009 Leonberger 2d in group in San Marino
24/05/2009 Change committee Leonberger Club of Ireland
19/05/2009 Results Austrian club show added
08/05/2009 Leonberger 3rd in group on in ernational show in Lecca (Italy).
06/05/2009 Judges Belgian club show added.
06/05/2009 Info Danish club shows added
04/05/2009 New committee Norwegian club
27/04/2009 Results of the Danish Spring Club Show added
27/04/2009 Leonberger best of group 3rd best in show  in Siena (Italy)
23/04/2009 Results club show Czech Republic
09/04/2009 Results national specialties USA
08/04/2009 Leonbergers Best of Group and 2d best pup in show in Papa, Hungary
30/03/2009 New board Swedish Leonberger Club
17/03/2009 Best of FCI Group 2,  and 3d place Best in Show in Montluçon (France)
05/03/2009 Best Baby in Show and second  place FCI Groupe 2 in Hoogstraten (Belgium)
27/02/2009 A "better late than never" publication of results of Norwegian club shows

26/02/2009 Hotel info club show Leonberger: no dogs allowed in Amber Panorama hotel
25/02/2009 Info 40th anniversary club show Switzerland added
23/02/2009 Info on the Austrian club  show (16-05-20009) added.

22/02/2009 New website French Leonberger Club added.
18/02/2009 Judges for German regional shows added.
13/02/2009 International Virtual Dog Show for the support of the bushfire victims Victoria added
04/02/2009 British Kennel Club Standard: obligation to remove dewclaws removed from standard.
02/02/2009 Calendar: Date club show in Slovakia
26/01/2009 Slovakian Leonberger Club: new website and change of president
21/01/2009 News: Leonberger 3rd in group in Arezzo (It)
05/01/2009: Calendar: judges Swedish club shows added
02/01/2009: Calendar: Spanish Club Show (25-04-2009) added