Breeding Rules Germany

German Leonberger Club




DNA test


HD and ED examination (up from 18 months)

HD A 1/2 – allowed for breeding
HD B 1/2 – mating with partner HD-A 1/2 and HD B 1 / B2
HD C 1 – not for breeding
HD C 2 – not for breeding
HD-D – not for breeding
HD-E – not for breeding

ED clear – allowed for breeding
ED 1 – the breeder should mate with ED clear, but its not mandatory
ED 2 – only with partner ED clear
ED 3 – not for breeding

LPN1 N/N (clear)- allowed for breeding
LPN1 D/N- only with N/N
LPN1 D/D- not for breeding
LPN2 N/N- allowed for breeding
LPN2 D/N+D/D- not for breeding

LEMP N/N (clear)- allowed for breeding
LEMP D/N (carrier)- only with N/N
LEMP D/D (affected)- not for breeding

LPPN3 N/N (clear)- allowed for breeding
LPPN3 D/N (carrier)- only with N/N
LPPN3 D/D (affected)- not for breeding

The owner can make these test also by parentage, than the DNA test has be done with parentage test and the parents should have all the mentioned test examined – only the result clear in both parents can be take into consideration. If one parent is carrier, the progeny must have its own test result



A breeding test



The breeder itself has to be minimum 2 years club member, the owner of stud male minimum 1 year.



Minimum age for breeding 20 months, the females can be mated until first day of 7th year of age. Males can be used life long.


Allowed is only one litter in one year (callender). Between the last and next litter (birthday and first matings day) has to be minimum 10 months if there were at until 8 pupps, by more than 8 pupps should be the pause 14 months. If the delivery was made with surgery, the pause is 14 months. With 2 surgeries will the female lost her breeding stat